Monday, January 26, 2009

My Response to the V-Day Challenge

I'll be writing for House, M.D. The pairing will be various, both of the romantic and friendship varieties. I'll link to it when I write it!

Slinky's Friday the 13th Flash Fiction Challenge

I hope everyone participates in the V-day challenge. If I remember correctly, last time we had a Valentine's FanFiction Challenge, several of us were very successful. Well, since the V-day challenge doesn't necessarily have to be very long, I've decided to take advantage of another striking day: Friday the 13th.

Due Date and Time: Midnight, Friday February 13, 2009


  • Your mission, if you choose to accept it (and you better), is to complete by midnight on the 13th a piece of flash fiction. Flash fiction, by my loose definition, is between 101 and 5000 words.
  • The story should involve in some way Friday the 13th lore (check at Wikipedia for more info), bad luck, or the actual date "Friday the 13th".
  • The story can be either original fiction or fanfiction.
  • It must contain at least two of these promp words: witch(es), devil, Norse mythology, Frigga, Judas, knights, black, Babel, flood, accident, or paraskavedekatriaphobia.

This challenge can take as little as twenty minutes to complete, but please be creative!

When you finish, post a comment with a link to the story and tell us what prompt words you decided to use.

I See Your Challenge to Make a Challenge...

And raise you a Valentine's Day Fanfiction challenge! This is for me and all my guildmembers! ALL our guildmembers! Here it is:

Due Date and Time: Midnight, Saturday February 14, 2009

Limits (?): Minimum is a 100 word drabble or poem. If a poem, it MUST be a FANFICTION poem. The Maximum is...well, the sky's the limit!

Actual Challenge: Pick a fandom, any fandom. Harry Potter, Batman, Twilight, Castlevania...if it's on, it's up for grabs. Then, pick a pairing (or, as we call it in fanfictionland, a "ship"). Any pairing you want. And then...write a valentine's story with that pairing and post it on by the deadline. And you MUST either set your plot on or around Valentine's Day or mention, at least once, something to do with Valentine's Day lore. For example, cupid, flowers, candies in a heart-shaped box, etc.

Please post what ship and what fandom you'll be writing for here on the guild, that way if it is a fandom that one of us doesn't know anything about, we can ask before we review it.

I'm asking for maximum turn-out. Please, don't disappoint the Trishy. Every time a Trishy is disappointed, a cute, fluffy kitten dies.

I'll post my challenge response details here within a day or two. Happy fan-ficcing (or ficking...whichever way you think it should be spelled.)

Dude, Where's My Challenge?

OK, this isn't an official Guild post. It's more of a reminder. The Guild will be hosting challenges in the future. I, myself, have a few in mind, but I'd also like to hear some challenge ideas from other people. So, here is your mission. Think of a writing challenge of some sort. Nothing too extreme (this isn't NaNoWriMo, people), but something simple that would be creative.

Perhaps you think it would be cool to get inspiration from a specific song? Or there's a plot idea you want to see explored further? That's what I thought.Got a challenge in mind? Now, think it through and post it. If you want, post another image challenge.

I'm dying for a good challenge. So go do it already. Post.