Monday, September 21, 2009

Taken down to work on

I took this idea down to work on it.

Reply to Challenge Fourteen

The title of my piece is One Month

My storyline is this: An educational-inspired college camp brings together students from several schools, ranging from grades 9th to recently graduated. For one month, four camp counselers that are summer staff only must, while under the supervision of their five superiors, must help the children with their daytime activities. And at night, after the full-time staff have gone home, they must keep the children under control and under the rules. But with 60 students, all with hormones raging and drama running high, will everyone make it through the summer camp without getting kicked out? Told through the point of view of a camper returning for their second year to a new attendee.

There will be several stories within one large story. The focus will shift as each new story is brought to light. Some stories will be solved quickly, while others might run the length of the main plot.

Okay, my storyline actually gives me a LOT of characters to work with...but here are some of the ones that should be noted:
Jessica Hart- one of the female counselers
Penelope Rayson- one of the female counselers
Michael Madison- one of the male counselers
James Mill--one of the male counselers
Aurora--the camper returning for her second year; has all the "dirt" on the older attendees
Lily-- a first time camper...a bit nervous about going, but makes fast friends with Aurora
Derek-- a fourth year camper, involved in a "love triangle"
Jonathan-- a second year camper, friend of Derek, involved in same "love triangle"
Kate--a first year camper, involved in "love triangle" with Derek and Jonathan
Nala-a second year camper, falling for Edmund
Edmund-- a first year camper, but is his love for Nala true?

Those are some of the examples of the longer running stories throughout the main plot. The artist I chose was the band "3 Doors Down." I will now list the songs I chose from their discography and beside each song, describe the scene in which they will be used.

Train-- The opening number. Play just the music as some of the students are shown loading luggage into their parents' cars and vehicles. Show some parents expressing concern about letting their children go for a month. Start with one of the "lesser used" characters singing the song, cut to several students singing, emphasizing on some of the longer running stories.

The Real Life--Aurora explaining her feelings on wanting to go home her first year, then deciding to stay. She talked about being a bad kid, how the camp has made her better.

Kryptonite--The scene has drifted, after a bit, to Penelope and James. James is talking about how he has missed Penelope. After he begins to express too intimate of feelings--wanting to get back together, having helped her through dark times, etc.--she tells him that she doesn't want anything to do with him like that anymore. James sings Kryptonite.

Loser-- One of the "lesser used" characters sings this. She is being bullied by some of the other campers for being "weird." At the conclusion of her song, she enters the head of the camp's office and tells her that she wants to go home.

Let Me Go-- Kate sings this song. After two, separate, moments with Derek and Jonathan,she sings this song in lament of her "secret" that will inevitably keep her from both of them.

When I'm Gone-- A camper who has recently discovered they have been kicked out sings this, their audience changing from camper to camper. The song bring a much needed worry to the other campers about the things they are up to...this camper has gotten kicked out for all the reasons that they are partaking in.

Behind Those Eyes-- Nala sings this song as she begins to suspect that Edmund's feelings for her are less than true.

She Don't Want the World-- Aurora and Lily take turns singing this song as Nala and Kate go sadly about their daily activities at the camp, after all has been revealed in their stories.

So I Need You-- Edmund sings as he confesses his love, for once and for all, for Nala. At the lyric, "Imitation of my walk" Edmund walks with his shoulders slumped, "sadly." Nala and Edmund take turns singing, Edmund picking back up at the appropriate lyrics.

Your Arms Feel Like Home-- The ending song. Campers say goodbye to one another as they return home to their parents.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Challenge Fourteen: A Practice in Creative Pitching

And we're back with the first of what I'm sure is going to be several challenges to come! Now, this one doesn't require you to post anything anywhere, except here in the comments (or, if it would be easier, in a post all on its own). Now, I personally call this challenge the Musical Challenge, inspired by Mama Mia! Here's the deal:

  • Pick your favorite artist or band. ONLY one artist or band...NOT an artist and a band.
  • Now, use your choice's discography (or discography so far) and choose either 10 songs or a full album.
  • Take those songs, and pitch us a play. Give us the characters (main characters who will have, should you actually want to write it out, several speaking roles...don't worry about minor characters right now). Give us the story (give us the beginning, the high point of the middle, and the end). Give us the setting (just a single setting, like a city or country or something, you don't have to give us every setting that might come into play).
  • And finally, most importantly, tell us about the scenes that will use each of the songs you choose.
  • BONUS: If you detail the choreography, and we're not looking for anything professional here, that would be fun.
  • Due: Oct. 2, 2009

Okay, and just post it here under the comments or make it its own separate Guild post. And remember, just have fun with it!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sugar Quills: Energy for GFQ Members

These are sold in Gulf Shores souvenir shops. (I have no idea why.) We remembered to get a picture of them this time.