Sunday, February 15, 2009

Guild Weekly Newsletter 1

For sake of loading down your inboxes, here's our newsletter! Mainly, just some recaps.

First, about our challenges. Actually, our first challenge was Ariyana's Image Challenge. We're calling this Challenge Zero. Technically, it's still up for grabs. You can ask her for a deadline, if you'd like.

Next, our Challenge One was our Valentine's Day challege, which ended yesterday at Midnight. Congrats to myself, Ariyana, and Kimmi, who all put forth a response. Let's keep it up!

Following that, we had Challenge Two, which was our Friday the 13th Challenge. It ended at midnight Friday, obviously. Congrats to myself and Ariyana for completing it.

Currently, we have two challenges going. We have Challenge Three, which is our Hate Challenge. See the post for specific details. However, note that the deadline is Feb. 28 at midnight. Myself and Ariyana have already completed responsed, both of the fanfiction and original fiction variety. I look forward to seeing more from our memebers!

Our second current challenge is Challenge Four, dubbed the Answer Challenge. Once again, see post for details, but the deadline is March 8, by midnight. Currently, no one has responded.

Now, I'd like to officially open the floor to all our members to set challenges. I only ask that you keep them numbered so we know what challenge we're responding to.

Now, we currently have a facebook group, started by Kimmi. The link is here:
We also have a fictionpress forum, whose link is here:
Soon, we'll also have a forum, started by yours truly, but I haven't been able to get around to it right at the moment.

Well, that's all for this week's newsletter. Welcome to a few new members we have on our facebook group, by the way! Happy Writing!

~Patricia, of the Guild Department of Backstory

Friday, February 13, 2009

Challenge Four

This challenge was a joint effort of myself and Ariyana. This one is getting a bit more complicated. Here goes!

  • This challenge is fanfiction ONLY!!
  • Choose from ONE of the following fanfiction universes (here on referred to as 'verses). You MUST use the character adjoining the 'verse on this list as your main character.

'Verse List with Character:

Harry Potter--Hermione Granger


House M.D.-- Dr. James Wilson

Buffy the Vampire Slayer-- Tara

Angel the Series-- Doyle

Firefly-- Wash

Supernatural-- Sam Winchester

Darkwing Duck-- NegaGosalyn

Stargate SG1-- Cameron Mitchell

Stargate Atlantis-- Dr. Jennifer Keller

  • After you have chosen your 'verse with its character, then choose from one of the following questions.

--What do you have to live for?

--Does it hurt?

--Who do you miss the most?

--What is power?

  • In a drabble (100 words to about 1000) to a one-shot (1000 words and up), answer the question, using that character in any way you want. Just so long as you answer the question, it works.
  • Other characters may, of course, appear in the story, but the one given MUST be the focus of your story and to whom the answer of the question applies.
  • Deadline for getting Challenge Four (aka The Question Challenge) done is March 8, 2009 by midnight. My birthday!!!

Happy writing! Once again, Slink or I will recap all this challenge business in the Newsletter. Oh, and post what you're doing in the comments for this post, including the link once you're done.

Challenge Three

With challenge two coming to a close and challenge one coming to a close at the end of tomorrow, I propose a new challenge. Here it is, Challenge Three or The Hate Challenge!

Since our valentine's challenge implied love, here's a challenge about hate.

  • This challenge can be original fiction or fan fiction.
  • It must be from 100 words to 400 words ONLY! Now, I know at, they count the divider line thingy as words. Don't worry about that. If, at either site, this happens, just mention it when you post here.
  • You must use two prompt words from the following list: Freud, ego, genocide, figgy pudding, class, stupid, fire, passion, red, heat
  • efforts to keep the blog page here clean and nifty, when you decide what you're going to do, post it under the comments her. As well as a posting a link when you're done.
  • The deadline for this challenge is Feb. 28, 2009 by midnight.

Happy writing! We'll do a recap of the challenges past and the upcoming ones in the Guild Newsletter Post Sunday night.

Darkside Daughter

Yes. That's right. That's a working title for my new project. Not going to mention much about it, just in case I fizzle. But I think its an intresting start. Bwahahahahahahahahahah.
Happy Friday the 13th! <3

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friday the Thirteenth Challenge Response

Well, I had an original fiction one planned...and I'm still going to do's just not going to be done in time. However, here's my fanfiction answer! It's set in Angelverse. Please review! It's called "Goddess Sized Mistake." Prompts used were "Frigg" and "Witch."

A Call to Arms...Quills...

Well, it's officially Friday the Thirteenth. A reminder...the challenge is due in by midnight! I'll do another post here in a moment to post a link to mine!

Now, the real reason for this post is thus: Over the years, the Guild has had varying degrees of success. Sadly, it's had less success than what it should. I call for a revamp. I say, we--and I mean, all Guildmembers--post challenges (with deadlines, rules, and the like) and set goals. For example, Ariyana and I have both set a goal for the end of this semester. She intends to have 50 fanfictions started before she graduates. I plan to have 100 before the end of this semester. I call on my fellow guildmembers to make similiar goals. Kimmi, you have two fanfics...hit a goal for ten by the end of the semester, why don't ya? This will get everyone's creative juices flowing! And Savvy, you don't have any, but...why don't you start an account and aim for like...five? And we can make similiar goals for our fictionpress accounts too.

Also, I'm officially calling back into existance the Guild Weekly Newsletters. Every Sunday night, either Ariyana or myself will post a weekly newsletter for the Guild. Let's get this group moving again! Let's encourage new members (*cough* Hillary *cough* Alisha *cough*). Let's everybody post challenges and actively compete in them! I know we can find a balance between schoolwork, work, and our personal lives if we just try.

So what do you say? The glove's been laid down. Who accepts?

On a final note, great going to those of us who've posted a challenge response. Let's keep it up!

Kimmi's V-Day

Welllllll I've started on the V-Day challenge. A Harry Potter fanfic... link would be
Sooooo let me know. More to come, I just had to upload the intro before Slink and Trish killed me. heheh

Monday, February 9, 2009

Slinky's Response to the V-day Challenge

Well, I completed my Valentine's Day challenge. It came in around 800 words. I was actually planning another story entirely, but this fell out. It's called "His Valentine," and it's after Deathly Hallows. Narcissa visits a grave on Valentine's Day. I know, I'm so depressing. That's what happens when you're single on Valentine's Day. R&R is much appreciated.

Oh, and by the way, the pairing is only slight. It's Narcissa and Remus from the Potterverse.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Friday the 13th Challenge Response

OK, so I have a response to my challenge up. This one is fanfiction for Buffy the Vampire Slayer called "Lucky Charm." It's a little moment between Xander and his ex-demon girlfriend Anya. Word prompts used were “knight,” “witch,” and “flood(ing).” And my luck topic is, well, obvious. Reviews would be great. Here's the link:

I also plan on trying to do an original fiction short story for this challenge, too, if I have time. I'll edit this blog and post that link as well, if I get around to it.

I can't wait to see if anyone else responds to this challenge :) I plan on doing the Valentine's Day Challenge as well. It should be fun.