Tuesday, September 23, 2008


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Monday, September 22, 2008

A Bottle of Wine and Black Hair Dye

A Bottle of Wine and Black Hair Dye

I’ve seen the problems of this world

And to me has happened a few

But I’ll save this song for the ones that know

My woe is found in you

You take me for the ride of my life

With no direction where to go

The trail marked lightly down the map

The future no one can know





I gave my best

It was all I had

But it wasn't good enough for you

The problems of this world are far and wide

With my problems just a few

But I’ll solve mine with a bottle of wine

And black hair dye

So Baby, Here’s to you

Let me know what you think, it is already posted on Fictionpress. I dyed my hair to try to get out the red and it inspired the poem. Cause people think with my hair black it is like some kind of emo expression or something lol.

Savvy AKA LoneLilyintheGarden

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ah to be inspired...

I was hoping to have a post talking about what inspires me to write poetry. Well the answer is definitely everything, however lately I have been particulary uninspired. I hate the feeling of searching my brain for inspiration. There is this huge wall, surround by a fog, surround by an electrical shock fence, and I can't get through. Everytime I attempt to write uninspired it feels as if I have just hit that wall at about 90 mph. In other words, I have writers block. Seems like the only way I can write is if I am in love or I hate everyone. Which isn't really good terms to write on. My poems are like my diary screaming out loud, they are the reason I live, the breath of my being, the definition of me, and my soul is completely poured into each and every drop of ink I spill onto the page. The pain of being without inspiration is an extreme downer, a downer without a fix. Nothing will give me the high I need to write. I don't mean a physical high, but an emotional high. I wanna be able to close my eyes and see dreams come true, visit other worlds, murder with my thought, and love and be loved unconditionally for who I am and who I can be. So I guess it just boils down I need something life altering to happen in my life or my fictionpress account may never make it to 100! So what inspires you, any idea how to free the writer form the block.

The Painfully Less Inspired Savvy

Thursday, September 4, 2008

CrushCrushCrush on Fiction

Fictional crushes. We think they're silly when they concern a game junky drooling over his favorite digital rendering of a big boobed elf, but there's more to fictional crushes than hormones. Now, let's get something straight, the fictional crushes I'm discussing do not involve Gary Sue the lovable emo warrior or your favorite Harlequin hunk. I'm concerned with the characters who stay with you, the ones who remain long after the spine is broken and the pages memorized. I'm talking personalities, realistic but unreal.

Books. Television. Movies. Comics. Games.
Full of people who aren't real. Sure, they may look like people you know, they may be played by famous actors. But the characters themselves are pure fiction. So how do you crush on a fictional someone? It's pretty easy: you get addicted.

Does prefered gender matter? Probably not. If the crush concerns a character outside of your orientation, you'd probably consider the character to simply be a favorite. But there's an attractive quality to personalities can't live without.

As a writer, I collect these personalities, store away my crushes for later, but not for real-life comparasions when I'm looking for a prospective date. No, fictional crushes stay in fiction, are torn apart and put back together again to become something new. To become another reader's fictional crush.

I can't wait to make a few of my own.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Big Fish Assignment

I doubt that I will blog very often on assignments given in class; however, I felt that this one could be beneficial to The Guild. In my Advanced Composition class, our first workshop assignment is based on Big Fish, the famed novel and Tim Burton movie. In the book/movie, an old man tells his son stories from his past, all of them outlandish and over the top but based in truth. The son doesn't appreciate his stories because he wants the facts about his father's life, partly because of his nature as a newspaper journalist. Our assignment is to find a newspaper article and use the facts of that article to create a very outlandish short story with strong narrative, elaborate description, and, of course, the human element (in Big Fish, it was a love story and a father/son story).

I've read other writing aids which mention drawing inspiration from the bare facts of newspaper articles, and I look forward to this assignment. My own story will involve a monkey interrupting commuters in Tokyo (that's the article's contribution). Other Guild members might be interesting in attempting this assignment on their own time. I think this experiement with fact and fantasy could be used in novels (obviously), short stories, and even poetry--for poetry, though, you would most likely be diving into the human emotions related to the facts of the stories.

As writers, we all draw material from real life, often our own life. But, if you're in a rut, this assignment could help you dig your way back to the surface.