Monday, October 27, 2008


Yep, can't wait for it to start! I hope I've planned enough this go around to ya know... actually get more than one long breakfast scene finished.
I love my little calander, though. Maybe it'll help me get finished more quickly or summthin.
Writing party here we come! We must prepare and get nummy snacks and such... hummmmm....


So yeah I'm doing it....


Friday, October 24, 2008


NaNoWriMo--aka National Novel Writing Month--starts at Midnight, Oct. 31st and goes until Midnight, Nov. 30th. I know of at least three partcipants that frequent this blog: myself, Slinky--the offcial Nano Pimp--and Kimmi. We're currently trying to talk a few more people into participating with us.

So, the short of it: 30 days, 50,000 words. That's it. What do you win? The satisfaction of knowing you have completed a full novel--or maybe not, maybe you just did the beginning or beginning and middle of a novel in 50,000 words, it works--in 30 days. It's hectic. It's hell. And it's a hell of a good time.

Now, as for myself, I'm doing a rewrite of a novel that I hope to publish one day. A COMPLETE REWRITE! I've kept meaning to. Now, I have no reason not to.

I'll let the others post here and let them tell you about their works. My is entitled Dark Mistress and the Lady of Light. Well, happy Nanoing!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have found it...Eureka! In the most painful of ways too. My friend Zack professed his undying love for Hannah...his undying and painfully unrequited love I might add. Anyway four poems have come of it so far and I hope to write 3 more and then I will be at 100. Don't get me wrong I am not using his torture to simply get to 100, I am using his torture to fuel something beautiful! It is such a sad situation and just thought of it makes me sad. I will post them on here if anyone wants to read but isn't on Fictionpress.