Friday, July 31, 2009

Can Writing Fanfiction Improve Your Writing Skills?
Most of today's fanfiction is written by teens and tweens, but can the amateur writer learn anything from this type of pleasure writing? I argue that fanfiction writers can and will learn valuable skills, if they're willing to do the work.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Challenge Thirteen: Underwire Challenge

Ok, Ok, so you've just read the title of this challenge and received a large mental question mark in return. Here's the deal: I watch action and horror movies, most of which are cheesy or simply lack realistic characters. I constantly see girls get into situations where they have "nothing" they can use to fight the bad guy/girl, get out of the trap, save another person. I think that, aside from a brain, the most unused tool at their disposal is just a cup-size away. Think about it (I'm talking to the ladies here--the nondrag guys amongst us will have to use their imagination), the majority of women wear bras, even with formal wear, though many Sci-Fi (excuse me, Syfy) writers would have you think otherwise. And, in turn, the majority of bras have underwire for lift. Now, any woman who's had a cheap bra has felt the stinging end of the underwire and knows its dangers.

Are we forming a picture now?

So, my challenge to you: write a scene, story, script, etc. where a woman or man (be creative, Mr. Kinky Boots) uses their bra in a tight situation for something other than seduction. Specifically, I'd like it to be a very high-action moment, but any creative use will be worth it.

This challenge has no real due date, and, unless it's a piece you're posting online, you won't need to put a link in the comments. Just comment below and tell me a little about the situation you're planning to write about, and how the bra comes into play.

Have fun and, as always, be creative!