Friday, August 13, 2010

Apologies from the Guildmasters...

We're all still active here, whether we're posting or not. But Ariyana and I do have to apologize for the lack in updates. We're both busy trying to get our writing careers off the ground, find day jobs, and I'm personally planning a wedding.

The good news is this: both Ariyana and I have stuff published out in the world now, and I'd like to say that ALL of the challenges are still open, with the exception of the "submit something to a publisher this month" challenge in June. But, if you have started to work on your own writing careers, drop by and give us a shout!

Fanfiction, original fiction, and poetry shall always be constantly being produced. August is a little busy for the two Guildmasters here, but we'll try our best to get out--and actually do--a challenge for September. Until then, make sure your inkwells are full, and your quills as sharp as your wit!

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