Monday, March 15, 2010

Challenge Twenty-Four

Okay, folks! A new challenge for you to work on. Just a reminder, we also have both birthday challenges still open, plus our Women's History challenge. Now, this challenge is called the "What if" challenge. The rules are like this:

  • Pick one of the following "what if" scenarios and write a one-shot (or chapter length, if inspiration should strike you) that plays out the scene.
  • The scenarios are as follows:

From Harry Potter: What if Lupin had apologized to Snape (for all the bullying) the night before Snape killed Dumbledore?

From Supernatural: What if the Impala had an all 4 tire blowout in the middle of nowhere?

From Vampire Hunter D: What if D got to speak with his mother again?

From Batman (either Nolanverse or The Animated Series): What if the Joker saved Batman?

From Darkwing Duck: What if the villains made Morgana's wedding guest list?

  • The due date for this challenge is April 10, 2010

Have fun!

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