Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Wonders of Duotrope

Just thought I'd share this little bit of joy with you fellow wannabe published writers out there. I came across a wonderful place one day while I was researching trying to get short stories published. Though an associated content article, I found duotrope.com... which, get this, lists a whole frickin' bunch of publishers out there for poetry, flash fiction, short storys, and upwards... and how or whether they pay.

And what's even better? Slinky discovered an awesome feature to the site that is at its top called "Deadline Calender" that lists all sorts of deadlines for submissions and whether what the publisher is looking for is themed or not.

Folks, this makes submitting a little bit easier. In fact, Slinky and I have both submitted stories already. It doesn't make publishing any easier, but at least you don't have to worry over what market to send your Sci-fi story to... it's easily found. And writing to try and meet deadlines is a great way to up your production, and maybe your pocket.

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Ariyana said...

I *heart* duotrope. I think we've been introduced to so many cool publishing houses since we've been using it :D It helps to have a listing when you're as socially inactive in the writing game as we are, lol.