Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Patricia's Birthday Challenge

Okay, I am so behind on Kimmi's challenge. Good thing she didn't give us a deadline. Good news, though... I've at least gotten it started! A whole paragraph + 2 lines of dialogue! But it's coming. That being said... let's add another challenge to the mix. Mine. :)

Here's what I've cooked for all you:

  1. I've had the Joker on my mind recently. No, he's not always there... but he's moved there recently. So, one of your choices is this: I would like a Joker fic where he finally gets a win on Batman. Now, he doesn't have to kill him. But he can. It can be comedy, or it can be angst/drama... or whatever. I don't want slash. Just, surprise me. The Joker version I have in mind is that of the 1992's Animated Series. However, I'll accept Nolanverse Dark Knight Joker as well, for I love them both. None of this "The Batman" or Brave and the Bold crap.
  2. I LOVE crossovers! So, here's the deal. I'm gonna list here a few of my fave male characters from different fandoms and a few fave female characters from different fandoms. You choose the pairing, but the two must not be from the same 'verse. And the pairing doesn't have to be romantic, or even friendship. It could just be random meeting. And the newer the crossover to me, the better :). ('Verses in paraenthesis) Here's a few males: Snape (HP), Andrew (Buffy/Angel), Darth Vader, Alucard (Castlevania), Joker ('cause, why not?), House (House, MD... duh, right?). Here's a few females (verse repeats due to lack of females in some: Dawn (Buffy), Tonks (HP), Harley Quinn, Leia (Star Wars), Poison Ivy, Hermione.
  3. And lastly, for those of you are graphically inclined, I would like a rendering of either Jade Snape from the RPG World's Clash or Mia from Girls' Night Out.

So, hope that wasn't too much for anybody. And if anyone chooses to draw the picture(s), I'd be more than happy to help with any description problems that may occur. Like Kimmi's, I'm giving no deadline... well, maybe have it done before my next B-day, huh? LOL


Ariyana said...

Have it done before you turn 25. Noted. LOL. :D I, too, am still working on Kimmi's. LOL. Can't wait to do yours too, though. I haven' picked whick one(s) I'm doing yet, though.

Ariyana said...

I'm so behind on this challenge!!